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Do you know how many things determine the true success of even a rather simple window & doors installation in Pickering, Ontario? The climate. The building's orientation. The material of the doors and the windows. The skills of the window and door installer. The list is truly long and also, depends on the project.
No wonder Windows & Doors Pickering has earned the full confidence and trust of truly a lot of people. Not only are we masters of our trade, but also know this basic thing: all such jobs differ. That alone is enough to ensure an excellent service. The best in Pickering door and window installation service. Allow us to give you some details.  

The top in Pickering window & doors installation team

The ultimate step of such projects is indeed the window and door installation, Pickering customers most likely know. And it is the most important step. Done this phase wrong and miss all the advantages of an energy efficient window or solid door! It's hardly surprising that all jobs are performed with experienced door and window installers. Have absolutely no doubt about that.
Even if there are challenges with the structure, the window installation, Pickering residents should know, is completed to perfection. Same thing with the front door, with the bathroom door, with the patio doors. See, there's a list of things that ensures the excellence of even a challenging front door installation. Let us tell you.  

Things that make us the best door and window installation company

Our experience is key when it comes to the quality of the door or the window installation. But if you asked us, we'd say that it's rather a combination of things that makes a difference. 

  • We offer durable house doors, installation experts as well
  • We have experience with all doors and windows – all types, materials, styles
  • All customers get consultation, assistance, guidance – no selection is done at random
  • Everything is done correctly and by the book from the start – measurements, advices, planning by expert pros, qualified window and door installers
  • All windows and doors are installed in accordance with the building codes, all standards, their specs

Our Services

Awning Windows

Awning Windows

Casement Windows

Casement Windows

Sliding Tilt Windows

Sliding Tilt Windows

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay & Bow Windows

Contour Series  Windows

Contour Series Windows

Single Hung Tilt  Windows

Single Hung Tilt Windows

Double Hung Tilt  Windows

Double Hung Tilt Windows

Architectural  Windows


Don't you want the best window installers? The front door installed correctly?

Simply put, nothing is left to chance. Not the choice of products, not the window or the door installation, Pickering residents can be certain. We help you find the ideal front door, based on your home's orientation, the weather, your budget, your taste. And we do the same when you seek windows or internal doors. We know that the combination of durable windows and doors & expert installation is truly powerful. We know that suggesting the ideal products on each occasion is vital. Ensuring impeccable window and door installation is crucial.
All such things lead to one thing: your satisfaction. You are happy with the entire service, your new doors and windows, their longevity and performance – everything. Still thinking which team to contact for your Pickering window and doors installation? Why should you when you are already starring at the best team?  

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