Doors & Windows Pickering


You now need a locksmith for Pickering ON service, don’t you? Want to tell us what is it that you currently need? For instance, is this an emergency or not? Does it have to do with a lock or key? Need a problem addressed or is it time to boost security with new locks? Are you looking for a residential or commercial locksmith in Pickering, Ontario?

By turning to Windows & Doors Pickering, you can be sure of the expertise, commitment, and reliability of the locksmiths assigned to projects. How so? You see, in our business, it’s important to work with professional locksmiths to ensure doors and windows lock well. And so, the very best pros handle your key & lock needs. If you need locksmith service in Pickering, don’t think about it. Contact our team.

Seek a local locksmith? Pickering mobile locksmiths quickly come out

Pickering locksmith services are provided as soon as needed, always by experienced and well-equipped pros. Even minor lock and key failures are serious – let alone serious damage and problems, like break-ins. What’s crucial is that a mobile locksmith is on standby and thus, ready to come to your rescue. Isn’t that great to know?

Commercial and residential locksmith services

Commercial and residential locksmith services are provided. The nature of the business makes no difference. Whether this is an apartment building in need of a master key lock system or a private home with a need to replace locks makes no difference. Locksmiths come out to handle all service needs.

  •          Lock upgrades. Lock installation and replacement needs are covered, at any property – of course. Interior and exterior door locks are replaced and installed. Window locks as well. Whether you remodel and need to replace all or some locks, seek keyless systems for your company, want locks for a new home, or must book front door deadbolt installation, the best pros are at your service.
  •          Lock & key problems. A local locksmith comes out to address problems. From extracting stuck keys to fixing door locks, anything needed is swiftly done. Do you need lock repair? Do you want new keys? Just say so.
  •          Key services. There’s often a need for key change. If your key is stolen or mysteriously disappeared, it’s best to have the key changed and the lock rekeyed. Of course, if you change locks – urgently or not, you still get new keys. Whether for lock change or rekey, the best locksmiths are at your service.
  •          Lock services & more. You can book any lock service – from rekeying to installations and repairs. That applies to all locking systems, including smart locks, keyless entry systems, and more.

We could fill pages with all the things a locksmith could do for you. But let’s skip this part. Let’s focus on your specific key and lock needs right now. If you need to book a locksmith, Pickering’s best pros are at your service.