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Replacing a sliding glass door in Pickering, Ontario, is easy. All you’ve got to do is get in touch with our company and give us the okay to take over. Do the same if you want the sliding door fixed, the glass panel replaced, or new sliding glass doors installed at your remodeled home.

At Windows & Doors Pickering, we have the pleasure to serve customers in spite of what they need. That’s due to our long experience in this field – also, our experience in sliding glass doors. The point is that you can count on our company for all services on sliding glass doors in Pickering.

For repairs on a sliding glass door, Pickering pros quickly respond

Sliding Glass Door Pickering

Whatever you need for an interior or patio sliding glass door, Pickering service pros are at your disposal. Problems may happen with the tracks, the wheels, the panel, or other components. If this is a patio door, there might be condensation between the glass panels. Since we are talking about glass doors, the glass panel may shatter or crack. In all such cases, you will need a sliding glass door Pickering-located technician. Right? And when you do, you can contact us.

It’s fair to say that although all services are provided fast, any repairs needed for sliding glass patio doors are carried out even faster. That’s for security reasons alone. In any case, the service is performed accurately by techs trained and qualified to inspect, repair, and service sliding glass doors.

Best team for new sliding glass doors and installation

Do you want a sliding glass door replaced? Are you interested in asking for information about a sliding glass door installation for a new home or home remodeling? Message us whatever you seek to find.

  •          One or more interior sliding glass doors
  •          Triple glazing patio doors with
  •          Patio sliding doors with double glass panels
  •          Interior sliding doors with glass decorative inserts
  •          Patio sliding telescopic doors
  •          Pocket sliding glass doors
  •          Sliding patio bypass doors

Want French sliding doors? A single-leaf interior barn glass door? No worries. There are choices and solutions to meet all needs. Plus, the glass panel is combined with any other material – steel, aluminum, wood. On top of getting choices among sliding glass door materials, styles, and designs, you also get high quality. You get the exact door you need in regard to its dimensions, glass opacity, and features. What’s equally important is that the door you choose is accurately installed and so it performs smoothly and protects as it’s meant to protect, surely to your full satisfaction.

Perhaps, we could speak about your project or the needed service. If there’s anything at all you need now for a Pickering sliding glass door, reach our team without hesitation.